Head Office: Mashhad, Mashhad/Qochan Asian Road, (Prophet Azam Blvd., between Prophet Azam 101 and 103) in front of Chahshak Payam Sarma Fiberglass Cooling Tower

About Payam Sarma

Payam Sarma Company has based its activity in the field of Mashhad cooling tower, water cooled chiller, air cooled chiller on quality.

The group’s belief is that meeting the needs and satisfaction of buyers and consumers is the undeniable principle of sustainable development. Payam Sarma Refrigeration Industries Group by employing experts and experts in the composite industry and facilities (cooling towerchiller  and air conditioner) and with the aim of applying modern composite technologies in the food and pharmaceutical industries and the facilities industry, they have developed their activities more and designed their production devices according to the customer’s needs and the type of industry and process conditions. to do.

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Declaration of readiness to cooperate with merchants, traders, manufacturers of equipment and devices of industrial production lines inside and outside the country.

 In line with the development of its technical and engineering services, this company aims to expand the scope of cooperation with all merchants, businessmen, equipment manufacturers of production lines, installation and contracting companies. The services of this company are in two parts: selling all types of cooling towers, chillers and air conditioners and repairing towers and chillers installed in all industrial, commercial, residential and medical units. To check how to cooperate between us, please go to the contact page  and contact our experts by choosing one of the communication methods.


Payam Sarma Refrigeration Industries

Payam Sarma Refrigeration Industry Company operates in the field cooling tower Fiberglass, air-cooled chiller, water-cooled chiller and all refrigeration products In Mashhad, it is based on quality, and this company believes that meeting the needs and satisfaction of buyers and consumers is the undeniable principle of sustainable development, and based on this, it has set the slogan of its collection as high efficiency and low depreciation.

Payam Sarma Refrigeration Industries was established by Mr. Majid Sadeghi in 2013 and started its activity in the field of manufacturing fiberglass cooling tower parts and after several years of experience in manufacturing cooling tower parts, it has turned to manufacturing cooling towers. After 5 years of activity in the field of cooling tower production, with progress in the refrigeration industry, it has started to produce industrial and residential chillers and is now ready to provide all services in the refrigeration industry. This company has started exporting its products to other countries by updating the technical knowledge of its specialists with modern science, which has been achieved by exporting products to countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

Export of cooling tower to Afghanistan

Due to the approximate similarity of the climate of Mashhad and the border cities of Afghanistan, as well as their proximity to each other, Payam Sarma Company has paid special attention to the export of cooling towers to Afghanistan and has established extensive relations with the neighboring country, which makes this group proud. May it not have a single unsatisfied customer in Afghanistan, and this has led to an increase in the number of people refusing to cooperate in this country.


Management's speech

The goal of Payam Sarma Refrigeration Industries is to produce high quality cooling tower devices, and complete customer satisfaction from the products is the final goal of the collection, and as mentioned earlier, the slogan of this company is high efficiency and low depreciation.

Payam Sarma Refrigeration Industries, a manufacturer of fiberglass cooling tower, air cooling tower, water cooled chiller, split duct and air conditioner, was established with the aim of producing all refrigeration products and intends to provide quality products to its customers and these products It will synchronize with the use of modern science, which is becoming more advanced day by day, and will take great steps in the field of exporting refrigeration products. 

Customers comments

Customer comments about the cold message

Environmental factors such as humid ambient temperature, dust, and airborne particles are one of the main factors to determine the capacity of the cooling tower. To get more information, go to the article Cooling Tower Refer to 

All the products of Payam Sarma have a warranty and guarantee, if you need more information contact 

The unit of measurement of water circulation in the cooling tower is GPM

Splash packing, PVC packing, parling

Hardeners and anti-scaling additives to water

The unit of measurement of cooling tower air flow is CFM

A water spray nozzle is used in a cubic cooling tower and a water spreader is used in a circular cooling tower

Fiberglass cooling towers are divided into circular cooling towers and cubic cooling towers